Nutritional Consultant
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ClassClass TitleCredit HoursCredit Transfers To
OR202 Orientation 0 ALL
HS101 Foundations of Holistic Science 3 ALL
NC302 Vitamin Therapies 3 NC
HF101 Food and Nutrition 4 NC
NC301 Drug Free Remedies 4 NC, HHP
AP101 Anatomy and Physiology 2 ALL
HC110 Foods to Fight Cancer 2 NC
HF102 Nutrition for Life & Weight Mngmt 3 NC
HM103 Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, & Supplements 3 NC
HC111 The Worlds Healthiest Foods 4 NC
HF201 Raw Foods 3 NC
DT101 Detoxification & Diet 3 NC
HH110 Fitness & Health 3 NC
HM301 Herb-Drug-Vitamin Interactions 3 ALL
HB301 Setting up Practice (capstone class*) 5 N/A
*There are different assignments in the final project for each diploma and every diploma requires it's own project.

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