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In a world of many browsers and Operating systems Adobe PDF files just do not always behave as expected. This page is a Master List of PDF's available to the public. Natural Healing College does not use any significant number of PDF's in our learning system. One of the big difference's between a real online school and a correspondence school is the simple fact that in a real online school activities are done via webpages where most activities are autoscored to give immediate scores and feedback. To our students the learning system is a place where they login. A class is made up of links to webpages containing video's, student/teacher forums for asynchronism interaction, and auto graded online activities like lessons and exams. Students don't need to be programmers- just web surfers and general computer users!

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Student Handbook

Ayurvedic Health Practioner Booklist

Holistic Health Practioner Booklist

Master Herbalist Booklist

Nutritional Consultant Booklist

Credit Transfer Form

Example Syllabus

*Textbooks and US shipping of same are included in US student tuition. It is common for prospective students to have questions about the textbooks we use. These lists show the quality and normal cost of the books- don't go buy them unless you are not in the US!