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• Tuition (Full) payment for 2 Classes

• Text books (by well known authors) included

• FREE Domestic Shipping

• Enrollment Fee included

• No Financial Contract required

• No obligation for further study or payment

• Guaranteed 1 year price freeze to complete any Diploma we offer at today’s low prices. Just you will pay for classes as you progress (enroll and pay one class at a time)


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Make a full payment for the whole Diploma Program and instantly save $200! If you are making a full payment then you just pay Cost of the Full Program Minus $200.00 equals Discounted Full Program Cost (books and free domestic shipping included- for limited time).

Tuition (books and domestic shipping Included)

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At only $54.00 per credit hour, the tuition for our programs is much more affordable than other Holistic colleges, but yet we feel our academic holistic programs are far more advanced. Not only in the technology used, but in the sheer amount of holistic knowledge one acquires from our programs.
You'll quickly discover why students are choosing the Natural Healing College for their Holistic Education.

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