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Introduction to Holistic Sciences (I-H-S)

Natural Healing College has grown to have a reputation as one of the best Holistic Health Schools because it is one of the few who offer all course work online for your convenience. Before you commit to long term study with us, this (IHS) short program consisting of two classes will expose you to a wide spectrum of alternative healing modalities. If you are just starting in this field we suggest considering enrolling for this program first. All credits earned are fully transferable to all our diploma programs.

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How to Find Out More About Nutrition Courses

Whether you want to learn more about nutrition for your own personal reasons or if you are looking to take some time to learn to earn yourself a diploma, you can do so by looking into taking nutrition courses both from home and also in-person (depending on your location and the program you are planning to enroll in). When you want to know more about the types of courses in nutrition that are available, you can look directly online for free to review course guidelines and topics that will be covered during each individual course as well.

Online courses will be less expensive and you can study at your own pace, at your choice of location. When you first begin to take courses in nutrition, you will have basic courses in nutrition such as Vitamin Therapy. Most diplomas will have pre requisites classes like Anatomy and Physiology. Beginner’s courses in nutrition often include more information on metabolism along with various nutrition practices, diets and how to go about managing one's weight.
As you take more nutrition courses and further your education and knowledge in the subject, you will learn more about the risk factors for diseases and illnesses, exercise and its effects, nutrition for various age groups, and even concerns for consumer safety and the environment as well.
There are specific courses in nutrition available designed to only cover vitamins & minerals in addition to other natural nutrients available for the body (including antioxidants). These courses include detailed information about each vitamin, mineral, and nutrient available for the human body in addition to how to use them when preventing or treating diseases and illnesses.
If you are seeking a way to use natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals, there are various nutrition courses available to help with studying the principles of the various nutrients available. This helps to understand how each nutrient, vitamin, and mineral can help one's current condition or medical state based on the patient's symptoms. Taking the course "Drug Free Remedies” is also recommended. This course helps the student to learn more about alternative nutrition therapies and understanding GI (gastrointestinal) disorders, liver disorders, and even food and allergy intolerances to help the clients get their lives back on track with a healthy and nutritious diet.
There are also courses for specific lifestyles including those who are pregnant, participate in sports or are vegetarians. These nutrition courses are available just the same as the traditional nutrition courses and offer guidance to help cater to a specific audience. These nutrition courses are based on what you are searching for, like your current lifestyle and your diet of choice.
Current trends in nutrition, food and culture are also additional courses that are often available when studying nutrition. These courses are designed to showcase current food trends from around the world and how they affect our culture overall. Additionally, the classes often discuss how to change or focus on healthy nutrition rather than making unhealthy foods choices like snacks that are trendy in the world.
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