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Foundations of Holistic Science (F-H-S)

Natural Healing College has grown to have a reputation as one of the best Holistic Health Schools because it is one of the few who offer all course work online for your convenience. Before you commit to long term study with us, this (FHS) short program consisting of two classes will expose you to a wide spectrum of alternative healing modalities. If you are just starting in this field we suggest considering enrolling for this program first. All credits earned are fully transferable to all our diploma programs.

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A holistic nutrition school program prepares students to make a difference in an area that affects every person in the world. What people eat often determines how they feel throughout their day, and throughout their lives. Eating with an eye toward holistic health and well-being brings a change in thinking and a person's relation to food. Well-trained experts in holistic nutrition provide guidance, encouragement, work with clients to develop personal meal plans to incorporate wellness goals with specific dietary restriction needs, and become a partner in their client's holistic health journey.

What to Expect in Holistic Nutrition School

Online classes in holistic nutrition consulting can provide basis for life-long learning, and are a major step to a meaningful career. Students can expect to learn about everything from the best foods for weight-loss management, food and supplement based remedies for various ailments and specific best practices for a variety of food choice paths. In depth studies on which foods interact in positive or negative ways with different drugs, fitness, health and other topics are covered in the program. Lectures, textbook assignments and tests help you keep track of your progress and, at the end, the overview of how to set up your own holistic health business starts you on your career path.

What Comes Next?
That's up to you. After you graduated from your holistic nutrition school and receive your Diploma, a whole new world is opened up to you. Take your skills and open your own wellness practice, or sign up with an existing company as a consultant. People seeking to increase their health prospects, overcome current ailments or simply change their eating habits need the guidance of someone grounded in holistic health practices.
It takes more than just reading a few books to become expert, so people who have attended classes and have done in depth work are often in great demand. If you have a passion for health and nutrition, the foundation for a future in the burgeoning field of wellness consulting is just a click away. Make your dreams a reality with an education from Natural Healing College.

Superior Tuition & Education

At only $54.00 per credit hour, the tuition for our programs is much more affordable than other Holistic colleges, but yet we feel our academic holistic programs are far more advanced. Not only in the technology used, but in the sheer amount of holistic knowledge one acquires from our programs.
You'll quickly discover why students are choosing the Natural Healing College for their Holistic Education.

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