CL Thomas CL Thomas
Dean of Students
Anatomy and Physiology Teacher

C. L. Thomas has been in the educational environment for many years. During that time, she also pursued a well rounded education in various fields of study.
As a result, she obtained multiple degrees in a variety of fields from LA College International, Kent State University and New Mexico University with over ten years of experience in the field of administration working in the government sector for the United States military while stationed in Europe.

Mark Mark D. Covell
Registrar and Intake Counselor

Over the years, Mark has worked as a foreman, business and corporate scheduler for large businesses such as Universal Syndications and the Hoover Company.

At Natural Healing College, he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to help coordinate the many parts that come together to make us the quality educational institution that we have become. His passion, energy, and dedication to assisting both faculty and students make him an invaluable member of our team.

TomThomas H. MacGillivray Jahrig

Assistant Registrar and Intake Counselor

In addition to having a strong background in Internet Engineering and Technology Tom has a lifelong passion for Herbalism and Natural Healing. His dedication to working with prospective students and plain spoken honesty make the initial processing your registration a pleasure.

KRolfes: Bachelor of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Nutritional Specialist/Educator, Adjunct Faculty for the project based course called setting up practice as natural healer.
KRolfes has also designed and taught seminars on natural health principles for private and professional organizations including the US Navy.

The Natural Healing world can be a landmine of teachers who have no education beyond the school where they are teaching and little or no real world experience with clients. All NHC teachers have at least one degree from a fully accredited University. Most of our teachers have studied at non accredited schools too but it is our policy not to publish those credentials. Our teachers all have years of practical real world experience as Holistic Health and Wellness practitioners. Most teachers work for NHC part time and still have full time practices.

whitney Whitney Elkins-Hutten - MPH, HHP
ANB Certified in Nutritional Wellness
Dept. Head and Instructor, Nutritional Consultant Program,
College of Nutrition

Whitney holds a Masters degree in Public Health. She is a Board Certified in Nutritional Wellness Professional and Master Personal Training graduate specializing in weight training, endurance training and sports nutrition. She is an accomplished author in the health field writing for LiveStrong and Dr. Whitney Wellness as well as many peer reviewed publications. Whitney's passion for teaching has lead her to a career of community empowerment through diet, exercise, and holistic living.

christinaCristina Vanderlaan
Dept. Head and Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner Program

Cristina has over twelve years of teaching experience, along with a lot of volunteer work in her community. She has dedicated herself to teaching Algebra, English, Language Arts, and ESL to students from diverse backgrounds. Cristina has always subscribed to holistic living throughout her career as a teacher. Her accredited degree is from California Polytechnic State University, Bachelor of Arts, English

Cristina now uses her passion to teach others, as well as raise awareness of holistic values in the community.

Dr Vikram Dr Vikram Tomar
Herbal Consultant, Ayruveda Therapist, BAMS

Dept. Head and Instructor for Ayurveda and Master herbalist (AHP and MH) Programs,

Dr. Vikram is highly respected in the Holistic Health and Science world. He has been  teaching to medical, physiotherapy, laboratory students for five years.

He is also a director of Charaka Ayurveda Center that offers ayurveda, yoga, and herbal consultation and therapy services.

Dr. Vikram is a strong believer in medicinal herbs as a wonderful health resources. Internationally, Dr. Vikram is best recognized for his international publications and conducting of holistic seminars for health and fitness, holistic medicine, ayurveda, alternative medicine, herbal remedies, medicine, yoga spirituality and reiki.
Dr. Vikram also heads a volunteer organization committee of selected students that conduct health camps in Rural areas.