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You have arrived at this link to pay in full for the Holistic Home and Family Certificate program. The total is exactly $567 There are no payment plans for this low cost certificate- just a great deal to help you choose classes with Natural Healing College. 11 credits @ the special summer rate of $47 per credit (3 books, 3 classes free shipping inside the USA,) our 1 time enrollment fee. Normal cost for certificates is $54 per credit but we want to help you start now. Upon completion a professionally printed certificate with our official seal and the signature of our dean of students will be mailed to you. Click here for a sample enrollment agreement. The page you land on after payment has this document for you to eSign.

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Call (209) 390-8076 extension 111 from 9am-4pm PST on business days. We want to work with you!

Natural Healing College believes that an education should "NOT" leave a person in financial distress. For this reason the NHC is proud to offer you extremely affordable, well balanced, financially rewarding, and educationally stimulating Holistic Health Programs that are geared towards your long term success!

You'll quickly discover why students are choosing the Natural Healing College for their Holistic Education. Get started today!

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