Natural Healing College, Sacramento Ca

Natural Healing College is registered with the CA BPPE as a fully online vocational school.

Short 2-3 class certificate programs for personal use or continuing educations units. The certificate programs are often completed in 2-4 months but we give you 6-9 months depending on the credit hours involved. Certificates alone will not prepare you for opening a practice or board certification.

All of our 'new student' certificate programs are online classes and include both shipping and textbooks for students in the US and US territories. There are no payment plans for certificates because they are just 2 or 3 classes. Based on the credits the cost of the certificate varies as follows- (click the titles for more info)

Foundations of Aromatherapy Certificate $374
Family Herbalist Certificate $590
Family Nutritional Wellness Certificate $567
Holistic Home and Family Certificate $567