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The Natural Healing College is a distance education institute that offers you a golden opportunity to become a holistic health professional from the comfort of your own home. NHC offers excellent online programs that will turn you into a professional Holistic Health Practitioner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant or Master Herbalist.

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The Natural Healing College's Admissions department is here to help you enroll with ease. Your holistic health career starts with a short prerequisite program that will give you enough exposure to choose a long term career.

Telephone: (209) 390-8076 extension 111
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Change your life as a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Get started with your career today! Our programs are designed to help you quickly enter the Holistic Health field as a practitioner!
✓ Open your own practice
✓ Advanced online holistic education
✓ Mind evoking educational tools
✓ and much more
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Besides the pure satisfaction you'll obtain by helping others increase their longevity, holistic medicine has also become a trillion dollar industry. With more people than ever, looking for alternative and holistic approaches towards healing, disease prevention and holistic alternatives to harsh drugs.

Holistic Health concepts taught here at NHC are widely used by millions around the world and may help you to learn to:  
Prevent chronic diseases and illnesses Help skin disorders
Handle psychological disorders Handle childhood illnesses
Normalize weight Transform one's outlook upon life
Improve overall health and increase energy level Improve cardiac functions
Manage high blood pressure and much more
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Technologically delivered advanced holistic education.

Affordable tuition.

Online lectures, lessons, and instant exam results.

Textbooks by well-known authorities in holistic and alternative concepts.

Post graduate and internship support.

Quality in-depth education.

Professional staff and teachers.

Free online resources & tools.

Online student/teacher interaction.

Student forums and student interaction.

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Latest News
NHC gets ACHM approval..
American Council of Holistic Medicine (ACHM) gives its approval to programs for:

Holistic Cancer Consultant
Holistic Health Practitioner
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
Nutritional Consultant
Master Herbalist

Graduates are now eligible to apply for specialization, board certification and credentials.

For further details please visit the following link http://www.theachm.org/